Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone has had/is having a wonderful thankful day! Here at home we already had lunch, because I had the unfortunate luck of being scheduled at work today. We are all now huddled around the TV watching a 24 hour House marathon. Good times, good times. Well I've made countless empty promises to renew this blog, to bring life back to it. Unfortunately, I was never able to follow through with any of them, mainly because my laptop broke (quite some time ago) and I was banned from using anyone else's. Apparently, I have magical powers and as soon as I hit the "ON" button, the computer will die. I am lucky enough to be able to sneak on right now, because everyone else is so interested in House's latest dying patient. However, thanks to my new job, I actually have a little bit of money to spend this Black Friday and will be buying a desktop tomorrow! I am immensely excited. Finally, I can check my email when ever the heck I'd like! WooHoo! There were a couple of reasons I wanted to write this post today, one of them being to tell you of a fabulous Black Friday deal. Loehman's is giving a $20 coupon, valid Fri, Sat, & Sun, to the first 200 costumers on both Friday and Saturday. I have conned my parents into coming with me and giving me theirs, so I have $60 for FREE. There are restrictions; only one coupon per transaction so only $20 worth of free stuff at a time, but they are having crazy clearance sales right now, and you'd be surprised what you can buy with just $20 or $30. I went to Loehman's yesterday and pre-shopped and stashed my finds in a suitcase hidden behind more suitcases. I'm praying my craftiness will not be caught and the items will be happily waiting for me tomorrow morning at 6AM. Oh yes, that's right, door's open at six. To me getting up in the wee hours of the morning, standing in the freezing cold is fun! No really, I do feel that way. However, convincing my dad that it's fun is quite a different story. Oh, but what about that desktop I told you about? I have a very amazing brother who is going to be freezing his butt off in line over at Best Buy. I'm hoping this weekend, my computer will be set up and ready to go and I will be able to blog once again...but it won't be at GoCoutureYourself. There have been too many posts on here that I am embarrassed I bothered to write, this one included, but I figured it'd be weird to leave and not say goodbye. Plus, I personally hate to go to blogs I have followed and then poof posts suddenly come to a stop. Although, its arguable that this one has already done so. So while I bid adue I'd like to also give a warning of caution tomorrow, Black Friday can be a scary day. And yes that little lady will punch your eyes out if you try and steal her crazy clearance $100 Manolo's. Peace out!


deep_in_vogue said...

Hope you had fun on black friday! I usually avoid the craziness, it's just too much

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