Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

I realize I am late in getting this to you, despite numerous prompts by my eternally wise parental units. After, all procrastination is my speciality. I was told to be very specific so I'll do the best I can.

I'd really love the Cayenne Porsche. It's just so pretty, I can totally see myself driving down the street in my new SUV. Just picture it Santa, it's a pretty site. I'm not really too picky on the color, but if I had to choose I'd go with classic white.

And I figured I should offer a few back up suggestions, just in case your elves are too swamped with toy requests to squeeze in the time to make a car.

I'd really love a flat screen TV for my room. But I'd also like it to dually serve as a computer monitor. I don't really care about brand, I'm sure you know better than I do on those kinds of things, I just want it to be black and shiny and big enough so I can see it when on my dresser when I'm on my bed.

Pretty much anything Kooba or Botkier is a good option. Try Ebay, just do a little bit od research to make sure it's authentic. You know how I feel about fakes....

I'd also like some new ballet flats. I like simple styles. Red, yellow, green, brown, again I'm not really too picky on the color. Perhaps try Nordstrom Rack or Urban Outfitters for this one. I'd love some new boots too. Soft leather, not suede. I'm far to clumsy to keep suede shoes clean and pretty.

Also, if you are able to find Black Eden cords sz 25 anywhere that would be a dream come true. But good luck with this one, as I have been searching and cannot find them anywhere. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also, if you go to places like Off Saks 5th Avenue or Loehmann's I need some black skinny jeans sz 0 or 24/25 :)

While we are on the topic of clothes, I really love the ones at Ann Taylor Loft. Do try for the younger clothes as I realize this store is mostly for 30 year old women, and well I don't really want to age that fast. They have some really soft cardigans there that would be just perfect for me.

I need a new wallet as mine is currently falling apart and I keep loosing my beloved pennies. Hey they may not be worth that much but they come in handy, they really do! I like the ones that are colorful and also look like a clutch. You can find these inexpensively at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Forever 21 and even places like The Rack and TJ Maxx.

I'd also really love a soft fuzzy blanket throw. They have them at TJ Maxx for $14.99

Those hand held vacuum cleaners are pretty nifty! My New Year Resolution is to keep my car clean, and I can use all the help I can get!

And for those ever so important stocking stuffers may I suggest: nail pollish remover (I have enough nail pollish though!), a small leather notebook, magazines ect. Oh and my favorite candy is Sour Punch Straws and remember I am not a big fan of chocolate!

I realize this list is more than a tad overboard, but I wanted to give you a variety of options to choose from. And I promise I have been a very good girl this year!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone has had/is having a wonderful thankful day! Here at home we already had lunch, because I had the unfortunate luck of being scheduled at work today. We are all now huddled around the TV watching a 24 hour House marathon. Good times, good times. Well I've made countless empty promises to renew this blog, to bring life back to it. Unfortunately, I was never able to follow through with any of them, mainly because my laptop broke (quite some time ago) and I was banned from using anyone else's. Apparently, I have magical powers and as soon as I hit the "ON" button, the computer will die. I am lucky enough to be able to sneak on right now, because everyone else is so interested in House's latest dying patient. However, thanks to my new job, I actually have a little bit of money to spend this Black Friday and will be buying a desktop tomorrow! I am immensely excited. Finally, I can check my email when ever the heck I'd like! WooHoo! There were a couple of reasons I wanted to write this post today, one of them being to tell you of a fabulous Black Friday deal. Loehman's is giving a $20 coupon, valid Fri, Sat, & Sun, to the first 200 costumers on both Friday and Saturday. I have conned my parents into coming with me and giving me theirs, so I have $60 for FREE. There are restrictions; only one coupon per transaction so only $20 worth of free stuff at a time, but they are having crazy clearance sales right now, and you'd be surprised what you can buy with just $20 or $30. I went to Loehman's yesterday and pre-shopped and stashed my finds in a suitcase hidden behind more suitcases. I'm praying my craftiness will not be caught and the items will be happily waiting for me tomorrow morning at 6AM. Oh yes, that's right, door's open at six. To me getting up in the wee hours of the morning, standing in the freezing cold is fun! No really, I do feel that way. However, convincing my dad that it's fun is quite a different story. Oh, but what about that desktop I told you about? I have a very amazing brother who is going to be freezing his butt off in line over at Best Buy. I'm hoping this weekend, my computer will be set up and ready to go and I will be able to blog once again...but it won't be at GoCoutureYourself. There have been too many posts on here that I am embarrassed I bothered to write, this one included, but I figured it'd be weird to leave and not say goodbye. Plus, I personally hate to go to blogs I have followed and then poof posts suddenly come to a stop. Although, its arguable that this one has already done so. So while I bid adue I'd like to also give a warning of caution tomorrow, Black Friday can be a scary day. And yes that little lady will punch your eyes out if you try and steal her crazy clearance $100 Manolo's. Peace out!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get a Dictionary

I watched Stylista last night, after stumbling across it during a 10 minute channel flipping session. I didn't know much about it other then what the name implied but figured it'd suffice my boredom. Unfortunately, just like the majority of reality shows, it was a complete joke. The lack of knowledge just in the very (very) basic fashion terminology was simple pathetic. A dart? A knit? A woven? It was similar to watching a train wreck; you don't want to watch but you do want to, if only for no other reason then you know it is going to be bad and possibly end in explosion.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Do It Like a High School Girl

I found this on YouTube and just had to pass this very informational Make-Up How To. There are some really great tips, so watch carefully!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't you think she'd make one cool Grandma?!

Tonight at 8 o'clock PM on Lifetime Network is the story of Coco Chanel

I actually have a party to go to tonight, but I'm thinking of going for 30 minutes, making an appearance, say hi and what not, and then race back home to my beloved TV. Yes, I am that much of a looser. I could just TiVo it but my family is currently stuck in the 90's and is the last family in the country to not have any sort of program recording service.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sometimes, it literally scares me how fast time does fly. I feel like I need to re-introduce myself or something because it's been (almost) an eternity since I have posted, I mean the whole layout on the control page is different for Pete's sake.
Question: Have you ever wondered who Pete was/is? I decided when I was 5 that they everyone was talking about Peter Pan, and I've just stuck with that.
I've noticed more and more that my posts keep on getting off the original topic of this blog, and that, in case you didn't know, is fashion. But I think part of me has become bored with it. *Gasp* I still love gorgeous clothes and to dress fashion forward and all that good stuff. But the excitement I use to get seeing the new pictures of Anna Sui's new line just isn't the same as it once was. Don't get me wrong it still appeals to me and I look to runway and celeb pics for inspiration all the time, but something is different. And I know it 'aint the trends because it seems like we as a whole have been stuck in some fashion time warp for 3 years now. Hello Cory Kennedy and MK! So anyways I'll stop with the Dr. Phil now and get to the juicy stuff!

1) I quit my job at Target after working there for one month. I am now in the process of the beginning of my own store.

2) Yes, you read right. MY VERY OWN STORE! If it happens, it won't be until at least the beginning of 2009 but I already have the location secured and layout plans in my head. It will be very similar to that of Buffalo Exchange or Aardvark's except it will be done more boutique-E. This is just a stepping stone to get my own boutique on Robertson. Ideally, I'd like to have a chain of small stores like Wasteland or something, and then have a successful boutique like Kitson. I'm young, let me dream.

3)Don't worry I'm still working on the My Vintage Closet but it seems I get stuck at picture taking. I can never get the clothes to look like they do in person. I have let it get in my way more then it should be.

4) Last but not least, if you think of any cool names for my store please let me know. The only thing I can think of is My Second Closet, that way it is kind of connected to MVC, but I don't even know if I want the two connected. Ideally, I'd like to find a one word name that is catchy and cool. Unfortunately, this has proved to be easier said then done.

Okay, I have too much to do and not enough time. Lates Gates!