Friday, September 12, 2008

Sometimes, it literally scares me how fast time does fly. I feel like I need to re-introduce myself or something because it's been (almost) an eternity since I have posted, I mean the whole layout on the control page is different for Pete's sake.
Question: Have you ever wondered who Pete was/is? I decided when I was 5 that they everyone was talking about Peter Pan, and I've just stuck with that.
I've noticed more and more that my posts keep on getting off the original topic of this blog, and that, in case you didn't know, is fashion. But I think part of me has become bored with it. *Gasp* I still love gorgeous clothes and to dress fashion forward and all that good stuff. But the excitement I use to get seeing the new pictures of Anna Sui's new line just isn't the same as it once was. Don't get me wrong it still appeals to me and I look to runway and celeb pics for inspiration all the time, but something is different. And I know it 'aint the trends because it seems like we as a whole have been stuck in some fashion time warp for 3 years now. Hello Cory Kennedy and MK! So anyways I'll stop with the Dr. Phil now and get to the juicy stuff!

1) I quit my job at Target after working there for one month. I am now in the process of the beginning of my own store.

2) Yes, you read right. MY VERY OWN STORE! If it happens, it won't be until at least the beginning of 2009 but I already have the location secured and layout plans in my head. It will be very similar to that of Buffalo Exchange or Aardvark's except it will be done more boutique-E. This is just a stepping stone to get my own boutique on Robertson. Ideally, I'd like to have a chain of small stores like Wasteland or something, and then have a successful boutique like Kitson. I'm young, let me dream.

3)Don't worry I'm still working on the My Vintage Closet but it seems I get stuck at picture taking. I can never get the clothes to look like they do in person. I have let it get in my way more then it should be.

4) Last but not least, if you think of any cool names for my store please let me know. The only thing I can think of is My Second Closet, that way it is kind of connected to MVC, but I don't even know if I want the two connected. Ideally, I'd like to find a one word name that is catchy and cool. Unfortunately, this has proved to be easier said then done.

Okay, I have too much to do and not enough time. Lates Gates!


allyson said...

I think a short, one or two word name would be best. You need to think quirky words; pixie, gemma, bella, something short and cute. At least from what I've seen of My Vintage Closet, those are the words that remind me of it

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